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Line Blinds

Line blinds are safety devices designed for positive shut-off of piping, equipment or storage tanks where positive shut-off is defined as a device in a closed, drop-tight, verifiable, and maintainable position. This positive shut-off feature makes line blinds perfectly attuned for permanent or long-term piping system isolation and shutdown.

Advantages of Line Blinds

  • Quickly isolates lines compared to spectacle blinds
  • Saves money on labor and equipment when isolating systems
  • Zero-leakage compared to some isolation valves

Quick Action Line Blinds Save Time and Money

Line Blind Chart

Strahman Line Blinds

Strahman’s AMERICAN MADE line blinds come in a variety of configurations and are customizable to meet just about any application.

Product Options

  • Cryogenic series
  • Large size range (1/2” through 48” is standard, but we can customize up to 52")
  • Body materials (CS and SS are standard)
  • ANSI flanged, Butt-welded or DIN flanged end connections
  • Variety of seals
  • Automated models
  • Non-spill style
  • Position feedback

760 and 740 series (non-spreading design)

Non-spreading line blinds use a cam system to create space between the body flanges for the spectacle plate to slide or rotate into position and seal.


  • Safe and effortless operation with manually or with handwheel
  • No pipe stress as the spectacle plate moves into position
  • No pipe sag or misalignment from spreading
  • Single person operation

700 series (spreading design)

The original design for line blinds. Depending on the size, 3 to 7 jack bolts are turned to create space, spread the pipe, and rotate the spectacle plate into position.


  • No tools needed for operation
  • Cost-effective design
  • Excellent for high pressure/extreme temperature applications
  • Single person operation

Quick Ship Program

Strahman is committed to exceeding the needs of its customers. One of those needs is being able to provide a product quickly. Strahman now has a new program to meet that need - a 10 day Quick Ship Program for its 760 series sliding line blinds.

Any combination of the following are available to ship within 10 working days:

  • 1” through 6” 760 Line Blinds
  • 150#, 300#, or Schedule 80 butt weld end connections
  • Viton, EDPM, or FEP seals
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel bodies

Line Blind Literature

Common Line Blind Applications

  • Petrochemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Plastics

Line Blinds