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Slab Gate Valves

Slab Gate Valves are used for the isolation of a process line in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The safety of process equipment often depends on the reliability of these “key equipment” valves. Most of our Gate Valves are customized to meet special process requirements, and our comprehensive line can handle your particular application needs.

Single and Double Disc Gate Valves

These valves are suited for high temperature and large diameter applications where process isolation is critical.

Single Disc Gate Valves

  • Steam purged for 100% positive shut-off
  • Spring leaded metal seats
  • Self-cleaning gate
  • Low maintenance design

Double Disc Through Conduit Valves

  • Fabricated full bore design
  • Two independent discs for Block and Bleed Functionality
  • Steam purged for 100% positive shut-off
  • Manual operation
  • Flexible wedge system to avoid jamming and “sticky” discs

Wafer Type Slab and Wedge Gate Valves

  • Through conduit full bore design
  • Optional continuous steam purge system to help prevent a build-up
  • Parallel seats for non-jamming service
  • Available with option dismountable sleeve
  • Ball and socket wedge connection for long term sealing performance
  • Optional vacuum package
  • Metal and resilient seat options depending on the series

Slab Gate Valves