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Thermal Shut-Off Valves

Our Fire-Safe Thermal Shut-off Assemblies are engineered for automatic shut-off in case of a fire. They are ideal for flow shut-off protection in systems conveying flammable gasses or liquids such as fuel, solvents, alcohols, toxic chemicals, or other potentially dangerous media.

Two Classifications:

  • Thermal Shut-Off Fusible Link Packages (FLP Ball Valves and FLP Butterfly Valves): “sentry-type” protection for local isolation. FM approved actuators on assemblies through 3,960 in/lbs of torque and designed for fire-safe certified quarter-turn ball, butterfly, or plug valves with torques up to 21,000 in/lbs depending on media, pressure, and other conditions. This series is ideal for customers or end-users who must use plant-specified valves. We have also designed adapter kits for leading valve manufacturers to create a high-quality package for API 607 fire-safe certified valves. Customers send specified valves to our facility, where we assemble and test by our experienced team so that they are ready to install in line when they arrive on your dock. And upon request, we can also offer start-up and commissioning.
  • Thermal-Electric (TES Series): provides local thermal protection. This series allows a single operator to transmit a low-voltage signal to a thermal-electric fusible link via a command device or PLC. The voltage causes the link to yield, releasing the spring and closing the valve. The TES design can control a single assembly or an entire bank and doubles as a thermal shut-off, which will trigger when the surrounding temperature exceeds the link’s rating. The TES system has revolutionized fire safety systems by allowing isolated and group valve shut-offs from one operating location in the event of an emergency, without the need for compressors, pneumatic lines, and other expensive and time-consuming apparatus. This series is not FM Approved.

Fire safety valves are critical to a variety of operations, from building safety systems to process equipment.

Typical applications include:

  • Primary and backup generators
  • Diesel and gas fuel systems
  • Biofuel processing plants
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Storage containers and day tanks
  • Schools, hospitals, offices, and other public facilities

BI-TORQ Valve Automation, dedicated to providing only the highest quality, dependable shut-off valves for critical applications. From automatic shut-off valves for oil and gas refineries to thermal shut-off valves for your facility’s fire protection systems, we have the equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to ensure that your system operates with the utmost safety and efficiency.

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