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Chemical & Petrochemical

Dependable isolation of critical equipment and control of process flow and pressure is our area of expertise. We’ve been providing chemical plants with the right solutions since 1921. From the beginning, we have capitalized on the strength of our design and engineering capabilities and dedication to excellence to bring our customers the products they need when they need them.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Gas to liquid processes
  • Coal Gasification processes
  • Delayed Coking
  • Ethylene, Fluid Catalytic, and Ethylene Di Chloride Cracking Processes
  • Floor and Equipment clean-up

Strahman Process Valves

Our valves are highly customizable and can meet the most demanding pressures and temperatures. We eliminate dead space to process conditions for repeatable performance. Our Line Blinds never fail, so you experience less long-term or permanent piping shutdown. Using the correct valve for the job is essential not only for the integrity, safety, and efficiency of the process but also for meeting production quotas, thus generating revenue and enhancing profitability.

BI-TORQ Valve Automation

We are the leader in Thermal Shut-off Valve Technology and can offer our automatic safety shut-off valves to help mitigate fire escalation and damage by shutting down flammable media lines. Our IS-3TC series is our sanitary clamp end series with encapsulated seats and is available in 2-way and 3-way versions. Both series can be manually, electrically, or pneumatically operated.

Strahman Washdown Equipment

We are the innovator in facility cleaning and sanitation. Our washdown product line can help throughout your entire facility for floor and equipment clean-up. Our line of Steam/Cold Water and Hot/Cold Water Mixing Hose stations will get you the exact temperatures and pressures needed for the job.

See below for a list of Strahman Process Valves, Strahman Washdown Equipment, or BI-TORQ Automated Valve products that could be used in your chemical and petrochemical industry.

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Strahman serves the chemical and petrochemical industry

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