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Education and Training

Lunch and Learn

Our online training session is focused on product, application, maintenance, and service, providing you and your team members with a high quality presentation that will give them confidence and know-how on working with our products. Our lunch & learn experience offers an excellent opportunity:

  • for training new employees (or re-energizing experienced employees)
  • for efficient and convenient training at your location, whether at home or at the office
  • to help reduce the feeling of isolation — session offers a great way to collaborate with other team members while learning

Strahman will organize a lunch (or breakfast) delivered to your location and meet with you and your team online. Relax with your lunch while learning more about our products and ask questions or interact with other attendees. We look forward to having lunch with you!

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Strahman Education and Training course

Our training session will provide you and your team the confidence and know-how to work with our products.