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Each of our three brands provides product solutions for the manufacturing industry with our diverse set of products and capabilities. Our product lines have elements of customization – ETO – Engineering-To-Order capabilities providing custom niche product solutions for critical projects and services to include extensive design, engineering, and machining.

Strahman Process Valves

Anytime you need to take a valid representative sample or inject media into a process, our sampling valves can handle the job. They are non-clog and have no dead space to offer the best performance on the market. Additionally, our line blinds can save you time and money on permanent or long-term piping or tank isolation.

BI-TORQ Valve Automation

BI-TORQ’s full line of products is at home in this industry, starting with our Instrupak automated balls. Our stainless, brass, and PVC ball valves are available in various sizes and end connections to convey the liquids and gasses that your applications need. We also offer retrofit automation packages with custom valve mounting kits along with electric or pneumatic actuators to keep your process going. Suppose you have flammable media of any type on-site. In that case, we also offer fire safety Thermal Shut-off Valves to keep that media isolated to help mitigate a fire through broken pipes and fittings.

Strahman Washdown Equipment

We are the innovator in facility cleaning and sanitation. Our washdown product line can help throughout your entire facility for floor and equipment clean-up. Our line of Steam/Cold Water and Hot/Cold Water Mixing Hose stations will get you the exact temperatures and pressures needed for the job. A wide array of spray nozzles, including low flow options and a premium hose line, help facilitate an easy clean-up. Hose racks and reels will keep work areas tidy and products out of the way.

See below for a list of Strahman Process Valves, Strahman Washdown Equipment, or BI-TORQ Valve Automation products that your facility could use in pulp and paper processes.

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