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Pulp, Paper & Textiles

Strahman Group's large and diverse products in all three brands, i.e., Strahman Process Valves, BI-TORQ Valve Automation, and Strahman Washdown Equipment, provide the right solutions to the pulp and paper industry since 1921. From the beginning, we have capitalized on the strength of our design and engineering capabilities and dedication to excellence to bring customers the products they need when they need them while exceeding their expectations.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Stock sampling
  • Drain line Valves
  • Equipment and floor clean-up

Strahman Process Valves

We have two types of valves commonly used in the pulp and paper industry: our DV series of Drain Valves designed to prevent clogging in typical applications like draining of viscous media or slurries, and our Sample Valve SV-700 and SV-800 Series that provides reliable live samples.

BI-TORQ Valve Automation

Anywhere you have fluid, you can find a home for one of our automated ball or butterfly valves. Our ball valves come in brass or stainless. Our cast iron butterfly valves come in four different seat varieties to meet various applications, including hydraulic fluid, water, or wastewater. If you have storage tanks with flammable media, our Thermal Shut-off Valves can provide fire safety protection and help reduce insurance costs.

Strahman Washdown Equipment

We are the innovator in facility clean-up. Our industrial-grade washdown equipment should be a part of your Standard Operating Procedures for maintaining a clean and tidy plant. Steam/Cold Water and Hot/Cold Water Mixing Hose stations, industrial spray nozzles, hoses, and drain cleaners provide the right amount of pressure, temperature and output needed to get the job done efficiently.

See below for a list of Strahman Process Valves, Strahman Washdown Equipment, or BI-TORQ Valve Automation products that your facility could use in pulp and paper processes.

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Strahman serves a variety of pulp, paper, and textile industries

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