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Strahman Process Valves

We excel at design, engineering, and customized solutions where critical functionality or severe service is the criterion. We have process valves for numerous industries including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, polymer, and refining, to name a few. With an extensive range for the transfer of fluid and flow control, we have a solution for you.

Process Valves for typical application processes:

Sampling Valves for product sampling or injection is available in three series: 

  • Soft Seated (our standard, non-clogging dead-space free design), 
  • Metal Seated suitable for almost all applications, ANSI Class 600, 1500 and high temperature service
  • Quick Advance a dead-space free design with a pull lever (plunger-style) that provides quick open and close design

Soft Seated Drain Valves for slurry applications and draining viscous product. These Ram-type valves are dead-space-free reactor outlet valves and handles a wide range of temperatures. Strahman offers four series:

  • Standard Soft Seated in sizes 2" through 8" (plus larger upon request) best for slurry applications and are fully customizable–materials of construction, piston length/diameter, end connections, temperature probes, coating on piston, and more 
  • Metal and Dual Seated Piston for critical sealing performance, often jacketed for steam or hot oil 
  • Rising Disc valves are custom engineered designed for crust breaking 
  • Lowering Disc are custom engineered valves for full flow applications for low to mid-range pressures and temperatures. These are designed to fit perfectly to the vessel connection

Our journey began in 1921 with the distribution of high-performance valves, gauges, and packing materials. Strahman was the first Company to develop a free-flowing, non-clogging piston tank bottom and drain valve for the USA Dairy market. This design and engineering expertise led to the development of a complete line of high-quality, innovative valves that were quickly adopted across numerous markets.

Strahman Process Valves remains committed to engineering innovative, high-quality products and best-in-class process valves for industries. If you don't see something here, please give us a call and talk to one of our subject matter experts or click on Contact Us. You can also Request a Quote, and we would be happy to help you find your solution

Strahman Process Valves