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Soft Seated SV Series with Insert Flange

Strahman Sample Valve Insert Alt1


Our Sampling Valve with Insert Flange end connection retains all the features and benefits of our standard Sampling Valve series and is highly engineered with your convenience in mind. The Insert Flange is welded to the body of the Sample Valve and connects to an existing flange-to-flange piping connection, which means no cutting or welding into the pipeline. The Insert connection provides easy installation, repair, or replacement by a maintenance technician instead of the time-consuming labor of a pipe fitter. If your application prohibits a welded connection, an Insert with integral flange connection is available upon request.

Our line of Accessories further enhances its safety features and functionality. Additionally, Spare Parts are often recommended for routine maintenance.

Soft Seated SV Series with Insert Flanged features:

  • Rugged investment cast body  is 316 SS, ANSI CLASS 600; other materials are also available, such as Alloy 20, Nickel, Hastelloy B or C, Monel, Titanium, and Inconel by request

  • Soft seat design meets ANSI Class VI, bubble-tight shutoff

  • Dual sealing ring arrangement keeps the valve from leaking into the atmosphere

  • Flange-to-Flange connection can be at a 0° or 90° angle; customer must specify pipe ID; MNPT inlet x FNPT and Flanged connections are available; Socket Weld is available upon request

  • Precision-machined piston clears out any material that may solidify within the body during regular operation; No internal dead spot cavity - the piston fills the valve interior, resulting in a valid live sample every time

  • Optional piston extension breaks through scale build-up to prevent contamination or ­­ build-up; Standard piston extensions are 2", 4" and 6" plus custom sizes upon request in +/= 1/16" increments

  • Three standard packing offerings:

    PTFE Maximum Temp. 450°F (200° C)
    MR Maximum Temp. 650°F (340° C)
    GRAPHITE Maximum Temp. 1000°F (530° C)

Strahman Sampling Valve provides users with safe, effective, and consistent product sample extractions from the pipeline under high pressure or high vacuum conditions without fear of contamination or internal blockage. Strahman Piston-Type Sample Valves comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) No. 97/23/EC under SEP. Strahman Drain Valves 3” NB through 12” NB ANSI classes 150, 300, and 600 and 2” NB ANSI classes 300 and 600 comply under Category II liquid service.

Please note that the above product image is representative of products in this series and while we try to be as accurate as possible, the product you receive may slightly differ depending on valve size. Please refer to data sheets for dimensions and technical drawings, if applicable.
At Strahman, we pride ourselves on serving a wide variety of industries and process applications. We understand that each application is unique, and we are committed to providing custom designs to fit your specific needs. Your satisfaction is our priority. Please CONTACT US. We would be delighted to work with you on custom-engineered solutions that meet your exact requirements.