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Spare Parts

Our spare parts, a reliable solution for repairs or routine maintenance, are the necessary components when you don't require a brand-new Sample Valve or Drain Valve. These are guaranteed Strahman parts, a testament to their quality, ensuring your equipment and operation run at peak performance. Our high-quality, durable parts prioritize productivity and extend your equipment's lifecycle, giving you peace of mind. Spare parts include:

• Locknut
• Bushing
• Bonnet Nut
• Stem
• Gland
• Cage
• Bushing Lock Screw
• Bonnet Stud
• Piston
• Gland Ring
• Cage Lock
• Opening Indicator
• Inlet Ring
• Piston Set Screw
• Gland Nut
• Cage Lock Gasket
• Split Nut
• Body
• Crank Handle
• Gland Stud

To order spare parts, you must know the equipment model, and you may refer to the drawing for the specific reference part number. Let us help you find the right part for your equipment. Contact Us for more information.