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Metal & Dual Seated (VP series)

Strahman 0006 VP


The Strahman VP Series are Metal and Dual Seated Piston Valves with high sealing performance. The M Seal and Dual Seal designs are dead space free reactor outlet valves. When opening, the piston retracts completely into the valve body, which provides an unrestricted flow. In combination with our maximized port sizes, this design offers maximum flow capacity.

The M Seal is specifically designed for high pressure and temperature combinations such as polymer processes. For mid-range pressure and temperature applications with slurry or high viscosity products, the Dual Seal offers the unique double sealing guarantee.

This valve series is available with a wide choice of options such as metallurgy and actuators. Other available features are full jacketing and dead space free connections to vessels.

Typical applications include PET, PTA, molten and slurry type processes.

Strahman serves a wide variety of industries and process applications, and we understand there are needs for custom designs to fit custom applications. If you don’t see your process or application, chat with us, or click Contact Us, and we would be happy to work with you on a custom design to meet your specific requirements. Please be advised that METAL DUAL SEATED PISTON VALVES are engineered to spec, and therefore NOT kept in inventory. All sales inquiries must be handled through our sales team at [email protected].