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Bottom Outlet & Drain Valves (Ram Valves)

Strahman offers a diverse line of ram-type valves, bottom outlet and drain valves, ideal for use in liquid and gas service or with slurries, polymers, and high viscosity fluids which may solidify. Our drain ram valves come in four broad types – Soft Seal Piston (DV & VL series), Metal & Dual Seated Piston (VP series), Disc (VD series), and Rising Disc (VR series).

Strahman ram type drain valves are dead-space-free reactor outlet valves. Our ram valves offer two key advantages over other types of drain valves. The piston can extend to break process crust, and then retract completely providing unrestricted flow. In combination with our maximized port sizes, this design offers supreme drainage flow capacity. 

Soft Seal Piston Valves

The DV series is our standard offering and is offered in 4 different seats to handle a wide array of temperatures from -328º F (-200º C) to 1000º F (-538º C). The series is offered in 1” through 12” and various flange classes and standards. 

The VL series is our custom-made series offered in a broader range of materials and designs, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Duplex, Monel, Tantalum, and Zirconium. Depending on the material, these can be fabricated, cast, forged, or bar stock designs. It is also offered as a seal-less design to maximize potential applications.

Metal and Dual Seated Piston Valves

The VP series is the same technology as our soft seal piston valves, but with the added features of a high sealing, Dual Seal is well-suited for medium pressures and vacuum conditions. The metal seated version of this series is for higher temperatures and pressures.

Disc Valves

The VD Series valve is a Full Flow Bottom Outlet Valve. As with our other series, the valve is available with a wide choice of options such as metallurgy, seat arrangements, sealing systems to atmosphere and actuators. Other available features are full jacketing, vacuum package, and dead-space-free connections to vessels.

Rising Disc Valves

The VR Series is a Crust Breaking Bottom Outlet Valve, designed for breaking harder and tougher crusts that our other series might not be able to handle efficiently. A variety of options are available.

Strahman Process Valves Bottom Outlet and Drain Valve