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Sample Valves

Sampling Valves are valves dedicated to drawing a live sample from process piping. They also can be used for injecting a substance into a process. Sample Valves are frequently used in many industrial processes involving liquids and gasses to extract a sample from a process to facilitate quantitative analysis at various stages of that process to ensure the product quality meets standards.

Strahman Sampling Valves eliminate the pitfalls of typical sample extraction methods. Strahman Sampling Valves extract fluid directly from the pipeline–capturing safe samples without failure–under pressure or high vacuum conditions.  

An inefficient and unsafe method for taking samples includes using an open container or a ball valve to fill an open container. An open container adds the possibility of product surplus and spills that can harm and impose health risks to the operator. Using a ball valve for drawing live samples can lead to spills and splashing due to the valve's quick opening 1/4 turn nature. Ball valves also allow for dead space and clogging, which may leave old or contaminated liquid behind resulting in a bad sample.

For taking safe and uncompromised samples, our Sampling Valves are what you need. They come in three different series: Soft Seated, Metal Seated, and Quick Advance plus we offer sampling extraction containers for enhanced safety. 

SV series

This Soft Seated series is our standard series with a non-clogging design (no dead space) and an opening indicator for safe user extraction. The SV series also provides a reliable live sample as the one-piece piston fills the valve cavity. The SV series is used for both sampling and injection applications and can be customized to meet an entire facility's applications.;

MS series

Our Metal Seated series is essentially the same as our standard SV Series but is suitable for ANSI Class 600, 1000°F applications. 

QA series

Our Quick Advance Piston series with features of our standard valves, but with a quick open/close feature. The QA series uses a rack and gear combination to maintain the piston's linear motion and provides the valve with a full piston design while traveling just 1/3 turn. This results in less time and labor required to collect a true, representative sample.

Sampling Extraction Containers

Sample extraction during live production process is often discharged in open containers. But, there are risks to the operator including accidental spills, overages, and exposure to toxic fluids or hot temperatures. Strahman recommends adequate extraction devices that reduce the risks and puts safety first. Our Sampling Extraction Containers are designed to fit our SV series or can be customizable to customer specs.

Strahman has shown proven industry-leading solutions for safe and reliable sample extractions for over 100 years. To learn more about our Sampling Valves and the bottles and adapters we can offer, contact us here.

Image of Strahman Sample Valve and Bottle Adapter