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TES - 2-1/2" - 6" 150# flg

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CODE: TES-FLP-HT-109-165-025-W50-DT7 AVAILABILITY: In stock
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Bitorq 0012 TES Series
Bitorq 0012 TES Series


BI-TORQ Valve Automation offers a Thermal-Electric Shut-off model in its thermal shut-off line of fire safety valves. A Thermal-Electric Shut-off valve allows an operator to trigger a single assembly or bank of them with a low voltage signal. When voltage is applied to the thermal-electric link directly from a PLC or other command device, the link will yield, the spring pack unwinds and the valve will close. The links also yield when the ambient temperature reaches the rated temperature of the link.


A thermal-electric safety shut-off valve adds another layer of control when it comes to a facility’s ability to isolate tanks and key points in a piping system. The ability to systematically shut down a large group of valves from a central control point, due to a fire or other emergency, without having to worry about adding pneumatic lines, additional compressors, or costly spring return electric actuators makes the thermal-electric solution a clean, maintenance free and cost-effective decision over the long term. These products are not FM Approved.

How They Work

When a 0.2 ampere minimum trip current is applied to the link (50 millisecond minimum duration) a chemical reaction starts, which heats the link core and causes separation of the link in 6 to 10 seconds.


With the ability to now offer models up to 3,960 in/lbs (typically 6” ball valves and 12” butterfly valves), the product can be introduced into applications with large tanks and piping systems, expanding the overall coverage of our fire safety valves.

The Thermal-Electric Shut-off models are offered the same two ways as our Thermal Shut-off Valves (FLP/FL series) - a complete package including a BI-TORQ fire safe valve or factory mounted on a customer-specifed or AML valve.