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Strahman Certified Repair Centers

Do you have a sampling valve or drain valve in your process system that needs repair or maintenance? 

Broken down industrial valves or unexpected failures can affect the entire process system. Find a Strahman Certified Repair Center that provides best-in-class service for reconditioning or rebuilding sampling valves and drain valves manufactured by Strahman. 

Strahman Certified Repair Centers receive comprehensive factory training in a structured classroom setting, plus hands-on product training led by a team of skilled technical experts from Strahman. Each certified repair center offers extensive experience in industrial valve repairs, expert advice, preventive maintenance (PM), and on-site and off-site field repair service.

Strahman Certified Repair Center logo

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14247 Bandera Street, Houston, TX 77015
Contact: Joshua Fleenor, [email protected]
(0) 713-455-9400  (m) 713-306-9127

Need more information or have a question about the Strahman Certified Repair Centers? Reach out to us and we'll get you an answer as quickly as possible.