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R-X Premium Hose Assembly with Bronze Swivel adapter and Ball Stop

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Hose Length
Strahman R X PremiumBlack
Strahman R X PremiumBlack Strahman R X PremiumWhite Strahman R X PremiumRed


Strahman’s Premium Hoses are high-pressure, premium-wrapped hot water hoses utilizing FDA-approved materials. Our Premium Wrapped hoses are engineered to provide extreme flexibility and strength while remaining lightweight. The hose is made from Neoprene, making it resistant to lactic acid and oil and will not degrade as quickly as natural rubber. Its unique braided construction resists kinks, making it as flexible as rope and practically indestructible.

The RS-X Premium Hose Assembly comes ready to be connected to our carbon steel hose reel with a standard 5/8" bronze Swivel Adapter with a Ball Stop on one end and a bronze 5/8" Swivel Adapter on the other end. Combine our Premium Hose Assembly with your choice of spray nozzles and hose reel, and you will have a powerful washdown system.

Choice of hose lengths includes 25', 50', 75', and 100' available in black, white, and red. Spray nozzles and hose reel are sold separately.