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Basix Hose Rack

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Strahman 0116 KS15
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Our Basix Hose Rack is basic in design but engineered with a patent pending welded one-piece construction that is strong enough to easily ­support 200 lbs. The stainless steel rack is v­ersatile with ­multiple uses—not only for ­hanging ­heavy duty water hoses but can also store air ­hoses, garden hoses, electrical cords or ­anything else that is needed to keep clean, ­damage-free and safely ­organized and off the floor. Wall mounted unit is supplied with masonry mounting hardware but can be welded to a steel column or bolted to a bulk head using a threaded rod.

  • 300 series Stainless Steel construction resists rusting and adverse reaction to chemicals or other harsh substances and is easy to keep clean

  • Solid, heavy duty ½” diameter solid smooth tubing means it won’t bend

  • Double welded construction at bar plate connections will provide security for a long lasting performance

  • Light weight–only 3.1 lbs. but can easily support 200 lbs. without deflection

  • Multiple uses for water hoses, air hoses, electrical cords

  • Includes masonry mounting hardware

Dimensions: 12"W x 8.5"D x 14.38"H