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Replacement Parts and Service Kits

Strahman offers replacement parts, kits, and tools for hoses, mixing unit hose stations, and spray nozzles.  

Our service kits provide you with the necessary components to make repairs when you do not need a brand-new unit. These are replaceable parts that help to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Mixing Unit Hose Stations:

  • Strahman offers over 70 parts and service kits to support our mixing unit hose station product line.

Spray Nozzles:

  • Strahman offers over 30 replacement parts to keep your Strahman spray nozzles in good working condition.  


  • 3 piece end unit assembly

  • Hose ferrule for ID hose

  • Rigid barb adapters

We offer high-quality, durable parts that put productivity first and extend your equipment's lifecycle.

Strahman Washdown Replacement Parts