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Low Flow M70

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Strahman 0108 M 70 Series Nozzle 600x60013282261364f2b1f586cb2f
Strahman 0108 M 70 Series Nozzle 600x60013282261364f2b1f586cb2f Strahman 0106 M 75 Low Series Nozzle 600x600 Strahman 0105 M 77 Series Nozzle 600x60013282261364f2b1f586e693 Screen Shot 2022 03 30 at 1 31 46 PM


The M-70 Low Flow provides a lower flow option to our standard M-70 Series spray nozzle. By purchasing a Low Flow M-70, you will benefit from reduced water consumption rates, while still getting the same modern and innovative engineering principals and premium quality parts found in all of Strahman’s products.

The M-70 Low Flow features all bronze construction, a replaceable heavy-duty rubber cover, stainless steel seat design to prevent leakage, and instant water shut-off when the trigger is released.

The M-70 Series is constructed from bronze. Other available options adapter size and color (black, white and red).


Please see the attached spec sheet for additional product specifications.