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Pneumatic Stainless Steel (Bi-SS)

Our Pneumatic Stainless Steel Actuator has an all stainless steel body in either 304 or 316 SS. It features an Iso bottom mounting for direction mount actuation and true valves.  For greater flexibility in actuator to valve mounting, it has a star pinion output design. Other attributes include ISO top mounting for adding limit switches and positioners and a NAMUR air port configuration for easy solenoid mounting. Available as part of a complete automated valve package or as a retrofit to existing valves in the field with Strahman customized mounting hardware. Ideal for use with BI-TORQ’s sanitary or stainless steel ball valves.  

Pneumatic Aluminum (PN)

Our Pneumatic Aluminum Actuator has a hard anodized extruded aluminum housing with epoxy coated end caps for maximum resistance to corrosion. The standard air supply pressure is 80 psi with a maximum pressure rating of 120 psi / 8 BAR. It has a star pinion output design for greater flexibility in actuator to valve mounting. It features an ISO 5211 bottom mounting for direct mount actuation with true ISO valves and ISO and NAMUR standards for top mounting for adding limit switches and positioners. It is customizable with many other options such as Double Acting (DA) and Spring Return (SR) options, Viton seals for high temperature applications or HNBR for low temperature installations, limit switches, modulating positioners, NAMUR solenoids and many other options.