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Mixing Unit Hose Stations

Regardless of your washdown or cleaning protocol, water is an essential component. Our washdown stations cater to various needs, offering options based on your water supply – instant hot water with a steam supply, a blend of hot and cold, or a single hot or cold supply. Each model is designed with seamless connectivity to your piping systems, eliminating the need for extra parts, and comes equipped with a standard hose rack for convenient hose storage. Strahman prioritizes quality, utilizing components with ASTM-identified materials to ensure complete traceability and the absence of foreign unknown materials. Our commitment extends to rigorous testing at different production stages, including multi-step hydro testing of sub-assemblies and finished products, ensuring reliability for your washdown station.

Steam & Cold Water Mixing Units

Strahman produces units in two body types, bronze and stainless steel. Each design is equipped with our dial temperature gauge (TG) for exact temperature indications. Water temperature is quickly and easily regulated by turning the unit's steam and cold water valve. One key design feature is the unit's ability to automatically shut off the steam supply if the cold-water supply falls below the rated supply pressure, preventing steam from accidentally exiting the unit. 

All steam units include Strahman's patented Direct Diffuse® Steam Trap. With no moving parts to wear, this innovative design will maximize your steam use efficiency while minimizing unit contamination.


  • M-5000TG - Most popular series; Low, Medium or High steam pressure; Bronze body
  • M-5700TG - Low, Medium or High steam pressure; Stainless Steel body
  • M-5144TGHE – High-Efficiency, Low Flow unit– maximizes steam use; Bronze body
  • M-144TG - Premiere Safety, Low-Pressure, Steam shut-off feature - Cleaning power with water conversation; Bronze Body
  • M-5000TS – Thermostatically controlled unit– automatically adjusts based on supply; Bronze body

Hot & Cold Water Mixing Valve Stations

Utilizing hot and cold water mixing valves, these units thoroughly mix hot and cold water in any proportion in our specially designed blending chamber, so you get the right temperature. Depending on the specific needs of the application, you have a choice between globe valves or ball valves, and units with or without a temperature gauge. 


  • M-159TG or M-159 - With or without a temperature gauge; Bronze body
  • M-750TG or M-750 - With or without a temperature gauge; Stainless Steel body
  • M-200TS - Thermostatically controlled unit in Low Flow GPM or High Flow GPM; Bronze body

Hot or Cold Water Washdown Stations 

When temperature control is not critical to your process, these single-valve water hose stations use hot or cold water supply. Each unit is equipped with a heavy duty hose rack for convenient hose storage and is wall mounted.


  • M-156 - Bronze body
  • M-765 - Stainless Steel body
  • M-758 - Recessed Box, Stainless Steel body
  • M-120 - Stainless Steel body

Mounting and Other Options

If a wall-mounted is not optimal for your facility layout, Strahman still has various options mounting options including pedestal stands,  recessed boxes, and cabinets, for easy access and equipment storage. Another option, the Multi-Series Airline, includes a mounting plate with an airline hookup for applications that require compressed air to be near the mixing unit. 

Since its inception, Strahman pioneered many product innovations, including the first steam-cold-water safety mixing unit, the first hot-cold-water mixing units, and the industry's first thermostatically controlled mixing unit in the early 20s and 30s. Our Mixing Unit Hose Stations are engineered with safety first and uncompromising quality specifications for lasting durability and reliability. We are a trusted industrial equipment manufacturer and have earned a global reputation for rugged design and superior performance.

Water Mixing Hose Station on Pedestal