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M-144TG Retro Conversion Kit

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M-144TG Retro Conversion Kit


M-144TG Retro Conversion Kit is a kit to service units that were installed prior to 2015. The kit includes all the components to make repairs on your Strahman M144TG with Hose Rack when a new unit is not needed at the time. These are genuine OEM parts that help to keep your equipment running at peak performance. High quality, durable parts put productivity first and extends your equipment's lifecycle, lowering your cost of ownership saving you money. This kit that replaces the now obsolete part MU144THSTASSY0002.

Kit includes: Safety Steam/Water Tag, Thermostat Rod, Thermostat Power Element, Element Return Spring Support, Upper Thermo Housing, Thermostat Spring Return, Lower Thermo Housing, O-Rings (2), Adjusting Rod, Hollow Bolt, Bolt Spacer, Stopper Guide, Hex Nut (2), and Thermostat Height Gauge.