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Same Industry-Leading Washdown Equipment...Only Quicker

When you need washdown products quickly, Strahman's commitment is straightforward. When an order is placed with Strahman for standard washdown products, we will ship the order within one business day. With Strahman stocking locations on both coasts, you can expect to receive your equipment within days. Now, Strahman can supply products to our washdown customers much faster than ever before.

  • Quicker shipping to you by next business day

  • Shorter transit times by shipping out of two stocking locations

  • Reduced shipping costs for customers in the Western USA through support from Strahman's new Fresno, CA distribution facility

*Some restrictions and conditions apply. Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Bethlehem, PA headquarters and distribution facilityBethlehem, PA headquarters and distribution facility

Fresno, CA distribution facilityFresno, CA distribution facility

Strahman Mixing Hose StationsMixing Stations

We know something about exact temperature control and maintaining a clean and safe environment. Whatever your washdown or cleaning protocol, water, in some form, plays a vital role. Our Stations are available based on supply – instant hot water with a steam supply or hot or cold supply.

Strahman Spray NozzlesSpray Nozzles

It’s hard to be a nozzle. They get dropped, run over by forklifts, mishandled, and repetitive usage means a lot of wear. Strahman nozzles are engineered to withstand the rigors of a demanding environment. We build and test each one to prevail against the most challenging applications and users.

Strahman Premium Hoses

Hose Assemblies

Engineered for industrial applications because of their proven strength and durability. Dual-layer technology means our hoses can withstand the wear of being dragged around on rough surfaces, water temperature fluctuations, external chemical exposure, and direct impact from forklifts.

“By switching the fire hose style nozzle to a Strahman Hydro-Pro 150 spray gun, a large egg processing plant can expect to save over $250,000 in annual costs.”


Do hose stations come with a hose and/or nozzle or are they sold separately?

Strahman mixing hose stations comes equipped with a hose rack and the steam units come equipped with a Direct Diffuse® Steam Trap and hose rack. A spray gun and hose are sold as separate components so that you can choose what you specifically need for your application.

Are Strahman hoses and nozzles FDA-compliant?

Strahman’s hoses’ non-toxic liner meets FDA CFR Title 21, item 177.2600 for fatty food and IANESCO certificate nr. 10/11358 for milk and yogurt. The Strahman nozzles do not comply with any specific FDA requirement.

Can your hoses be used with steam?

Strahman hoses are not rated for steam service. A water temperature rating of -20ºF to 200º F (-29ºC to 93ºC) is recommended.

Do you have nozzles that produce less water per use?

Strahman spray guns have been shown to clean faster and more efficiently than other brands when compared in testing due to the sheer velocity and controlled spray so there is less overspray.

Meat Processing