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Ergonomic Hose PKG

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Hose Length
Strahman HERG050BHP150SP
Strahman HERG050BHP150SP Strahman HW050BRERGWHITE Strahman HY050BERGYELL


Strahman’s Ergonomic Hose Assembly includes extruded hose, a Swivel-Pro adapter and Hydro Pro 150 spray nozzle. The Extruded Hose is flexible, lightweight and easy to handle, yet it offers the same heavy-duty quality you expect from Strahman’s products. This versatile hose resists oil, abrasives and fatty and lactic acids, and it is designed to handle a wide range of temperatures and work pressures.

This complete hose assembly includes a ¾” Male NPT fitting on the unit end, our Swivel-Pro Adapter on the other end, and a Hydro Pro 150 Spray nozzle, all designed to maximize comfort and safety.

Additional options include hose length (25’, 50’, 75’ and 100’), hose color (black, white and yellow), and HP-150 color (black, white and red).