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Mixing Unit Options
Strahman M 750TG BallV
ImageNotAval Strahman M 750TG BallV Strahman M 750 GlobeV Strahman M 750TG GlobeV alt2 Strahman M 750TG GlobeV alt1


The Strahman M-750TG Hot & Cold Water Mixing Station enables the operator to manually regulate water temperature as needed for the washdown application via independent controls.

Model M-750TG is ideal for situations where the exact water temperature is crucial for the washdown application since it is equipped with a dial-type temperature gauge (TG) that indicates the wash water's exact temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Manually turn the valves for a steady supply of water to reach the right temperature. A specially design blending chamber efficiently blends the hot and cold water for maximum performance.

The M-750TG mixing station is constructed from Stainless Steel with internal parts made of bronze/stainless steel and is equipped with a solid Stainless Steel hose rack for convenient hose storage. Hose and spray nozzle are sold separately. Available options include Wall Mounted (shown), Recessed Wall Box Units, and Pedestal Units. All models come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty**. And, when used in conjunction with our heavy-duty M-70/S-70 Nozzle Series, or our Hyro-Pro 150® Spray Nozzle*, your facility may realize a cost savings in terms of lower water usage due to the efficiency of our water saver nozzles.

For an all Bronze unit, look for the M159TG Hot & Cold Water Mixing Station.

* Please see the attached spec sheet for additional product specifications.

**Limited Warranty is specific to the original purchaser from the date of the original purchase. See customer service for details.