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Direct Diffuse Steam Trap

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Our Direct Diffuse® Steam Trap quickly and efficiently discharges condensate (the byproduct of heat transfer in the steam system). Condensate must be removed immediately. Without a steam trap, fluctuations in the condensate load may pool inside the equipment/pipe and heating efficiency will suffer or steam leakage will occur and steam will be wasted. 

Our revolutionary, patented Direct Diffuse® Steam Trap is the only in-line steam trap on the market! The Direct Diffuse® Steam Trap ensures your steam system will operate more efficiently by virtually eliminating condensate in the steam line. Direct Diffuse’s unique, compact design can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and is installed directly into the steam line, eliminating the need for additional plumbing. Adding Direct Diffuse to your steam mixing unit set up reduces condensate in your steam line, reduces rust caused by condensate, and significantly reduces maintenance costs.


  • Maximum working pressure 150 psi

  • Maximum working temperature with mixing unit 350°F/175°C

  • No moving parts to wear out or need replacing

  • Compact design can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, reducing piping design restrictions

  • Lower cost - Simple design allows a lower purchase price, reduces maintenance and replacement costs, and reduces rust caused by condensate in steam lines.

  • Fully compatible with all of Strahman’s Steam and Cold Water Mixing Units.

  • All units can have the Direct Diffuse factory installed to eliminate on-site installation costs

The units come standard on our M-5000TG, M-5700TG, M-5000TS, and M-144TG models in all variations.

NOTE: 1-year limited warranty

Patent No. 10550999

CRN 0E22109.5