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Mixing Unit Valve Type
Steam Pressure
Strahman M 5700TG GlobeV
Strahman M 5700TG GlobeV ImageNotAval crncertif Strahman M 5700TG GlobeV alt2


The Strahman M-5700TG Stainless Steel Mixing Unit produces instant hot water from a steady supply steam and cold water. Users can easily regulate the temperature by turning the unit’s steam and cold water valves. The unit also features a specially designed blending chamber to thoroughly and evenly blend the steam and cold water. The M-5700TG Series is equipped with a dial-type gauge that accurately indicates the wash water’s exact temperature.

As an added safety measure, these units shut off their steam source automatically if the cold water supply falls below 50 PSI for any reason. This prevents hazardous steam from exiting the unit and causing the user steam burns.

All units now include a Direct Diffuse Steam Trap.

The Strahman M-5700TG mixing units are constructed from all stainless steel, so they will not discolor, they are easy to clean, and are ideal for use in special water applications like purified water. To see this mixing unit in bronze, please see our M-5000TG. Hoses and spray nozzles are sold separately.


CRN 0H20874

Please see the attached spec sheet for additional product specifications.