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Washdown Equipment

Your trusted source for cleaning and sanitizing washdown equipment for more than 100 years.

Top Quality. High Performance. Skillfully Engineered. These accolades have driven us to excel as a leader in the industrial washdown market since 1921. Through hard work, innovation, and unwavering leadership, our washdown equipment has become the 'gold standard' across various market sectors, including the oil and gas industry, food and beverage manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, polymer, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, mining, and the pulp and paper industry. Today, we proudly stand as an industry leader, delivering top-notch products with speed and accuracy thanks to our robust design and engineering capabilities and two distribution centers on both coasts shipping standard washdown equipment within twenty-four hours.

Mixing Unit Hose Stations

Where temperature control meets pioneering innovation. Our legacy in engineering excellence began with the creation of the first steam and cold water safety mixing unit for the dairy industry. Building on this success, we further advanced the industry with our hot and cold water mixing units. The journey continued with the introduction of the industry's first thermostatically controlled mixing unit, reflecting our commitment to clean and safe environments. At the core of our expertise are the exceptional Steam Mixing Valve and Hot and Cold Water Mixing Valve, setting the standard for precision in temperature regulation.

Industrial Hoses and Industrial Hose Reels

Our high-caliber industrial-grade hoses meet national and international standards, including those set by the FDA for use in applications where the hose comes in contact with food. 

Retractable Hose Reels provide convenient storage to help keep hoses and spray nozzles clean, off the floor, and neatly organized. Strahman offers two retractable hose reels: a Standard and a Sanitary Hose Reel.

Spray Nozzles

A Strahman washdown nozzle can take a lot of abuse. Ours are highly engineered to withstand the rigors of a demanding environment and are made to last, thanks to the premium materials and high-quality parts–strong enough to handle the most challenging washdown applications and users. Since spray nozzles are frequently replaced in the commercial environment, you can trust Strahman spray nozzles to be the last spray nozzle you will need to buy. 

Industrial Hose Adapters 

Our industrial hose adapters are designed and built to work with our industrial spray nozzles and hoses, helping to ease the tension of repetitive motion in washdown cleaning. Three variations, Rigid Barb, Standard Swivel, and Swivel Pro, are available in bronze or stainless steel and in different sizes. 

Replacement Parts & Service Kits

Our washdown equipment is easy to maintain and replace worn-out parts. Most of our steam mixing valves, hot and cold water mixing valves, industrial hoses, and spray nozzles all have replacement parts or repair kits that will help extend the life of your units.

Let us help you find the right solution for your application. Please give us a call and talk to one of our subject matter experts or Contact Us. You can also Request a Quote, and we will respond within two business days.

Strahman Washdown Equipment