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F-90 Series

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Adapter Size
Body Material
Strahman F90 Series Spray
Strahman WSF90COMPLETE0004 Strahman WSF97COMPLETE0004 Strahman WSF95COMPLETE0002 Strahman WSF90COMPLETE0003 Strahman WSF97COMPLETE0003 Strahman WSF95COMPLETE0003 Strahman WSF90COMPLETE0007 Strahman WSF97COMPLETE0007 Strahman WSF95COMPLETE0007 Strahman WSF90COMPLETE0008 Strahman WSF97COMPLETE0008 Strahman F90 Series Spray Strahman WSF90COMPLETE0000 Strahman WSF97COMPLETE0000 Spray Nozzle Strahman WSF95COMPLETE0000 Strahman WSS90COMPLETE0000 Strahman WSS97COMPLETE0000 Strahman WSS95COMPLETE0000


Our F-90 Series spray nozzle produces a steady stream that is a fine, soft spray covering a wide area but is gentle enough for more delicate cleaning. The F-90 Series nozzles will accept all threaded Strahman hoses and convert them to fit other hoses with the addition of our adapters available in various sizes. 

Our F-90 Series has the same great features as our M-70 Series, such as: 

  • Available in Bronze or Stainless Steel 
  • Comfortable long handle design grip for whole hand placement 
  • Replaceable heavy-duty rubber covers in a choice of Black, White, or Red  
  • Stainless Steel seat design prevents nozzle seat leakage 
  • Instant water shut-off when the trigger is released 
  • Adapters available in Barbed Rigid and Swivel, and female GHT 
  • Maximum working pressure is 150psi (10BAR)  
  • Maximum operating temperature of 200ºF (93ºC) 
20 3 1/4
30 4 1/4
40 5 1/8
50 5 7/8
60 6 3/4
70 7 1/2
80 7 3/4
90 8 1/4
100 9

Choosing the wrong nozzle can have undesirable consequences in the cleaning process. Our F-90 Series is super-effective, yet soft and gentle covering a wide area for quick and efficient cleaning.